Robot Tuna oceanwards

I had a friend who worked on this project, years ago. He built a pike as a scale model test for the RoboTuna II, and it looks like they’ve implemented some of his ideas. He always had somewhat mixed feelings about the defense applications of his project, and sure enough, the Tuna will (somewhat) soon be patrolling the ocean for the navy. (The pike almost got bought by Disney; “can you make it cute?”, they wondered.) On the other hand, how much damage can a robot fish do, really? Maybe we don’t want to know? It’s unlikely to blow up civilians, in any case, unless they’re scuba diving, in which case they totally deserve it.


Stair porn

No shit!

They even have a link to a DIY spiral staircase. Seems, you know, terrifying, but that shouldn’t stop anybody.

Sometimes I daydream about a spiral staircase where each tread is individually whorled, so that the center portion of the treads would remain aligned until making a 90 degree turn, like dogleg stairs. In my mind, this would solve some of the usability problems spiral staircases suffer from. It’s a nice place, in my mind.

Seeing the forest

You’ll hopefully forgive the pun, because this is a truly incredible collection of pencils.

I don’t really know why all today’s crap is aesthetic/collectible stuff. The robots aren’t back from the beach yet, I guess.

To robots, bricks are as grapes


Outside of the robots used, I really like the use of architectural elements as pixels. The fact that it serves a functional purpose too, is the modernist icing on the digital cake, you ask me.



Hold me closer tiny houses

Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
you had a [ efficient and space maximizing ] day today

Extremely disorienting optical illusion

The hollow mask compels you!

Ooh, this one’s good, too.

Nearly balancing robot

This person seems to be facing some of the same challenges I am with the filter code (I understand the math, basically, but making that into an algorithm… yeesh).

Crap report

I haven’t found anything cool on the internet today. I spent the whole day on unfogged. Even my time-wasting is going downhill!

On the other hand, I think I may have spotted my grandfather in this picture.

Crap Stove Eversion

The Alameda County Computer Recycling Center, a grand repository for weird old crap if ever there was one, has a blog highlighting the stranger objects. Some fresh stuff in there; I’d love to get my hands on the 8 track.