Things that are not nearly as cool as they seemed before I looked into them

This generative music program by Wolfram looked super neat, until I realized they were simply cherry-picking swaths of his beloved cellular automata and forcing them to scale. Yes, Wolfram, algorithmic music is neat. This fact, like so many of the other facts surrounding your ridiculous book, is well known by many people. It is not, as it turns out, your groundbreaking innovation.

A four-color silkscreen rig, on the other hand, genuinely is kind of cool, and were I interested in, you know, running a t-shirt printing shop maybe I’d build one. But I’m, you know, not.

The Harrigan tool I would probably find exciting and irreplaceable if I were a firefighter. I’m sure you can guess my problem. Actually I was excited to read this article because I thought it was going to be about the McCloud, which I really do find inexplicably fascinating (it’s like a rake, but a really badass one!), but no dice.


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