Welcome to the 23rd Century: A perfect world of total pleasure, With just one catch…

… your super-rad futuristic car is actually a Volkswagen beetle.

Who cares, though, when it looks like that? We saw one of those kits a few years ago in Quartzsite, Arizona, and let me tell you it look even more insanely futuristic in person. Makes me want to spend the rest of my life running from a Sandman or mowing down pedestrians alongside Sylvester Stallone.

How fresh would it be to build one of these around of one Volkswagen’s original diesel beetle engines, then run it on waste vegetable oil? You could have a super sleek, high-tech, green car with the blistering zero-to-60 time of one minute!

Boy would that confuse people. It’s like the normal goals of automotive transportation completely inverted. I bet you could start a fad!


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