Monthly Archives: August 2008

Hold me closer tiny houses

Count the headlights on the highway Lay me down in sheets of linen you had a [ efficient and space maximizing ] day today Advertisements

Extremely disorienting optical illusion

The hollow mask compels you! Ooh, this one’s good, too.

Nearly balancing robot

This person seems to be facing some of the same challenges I am with the filter code (I understand the math, basically, but making that into an algorithm… yeesh).

Crap report

I haven’t found anything cool on the internet today. I spent the whole day on unfogged. Even my time-wasting is going downhill! On the other hand, I think I may have spotted my grandfather in this picture.

Crap Stove Eversion

The Alameda County Computer Recycling Center, a grand repository for weird old crap if ever there was one, has a blog highlighting the stranger objects. Some fresh stuff in there; I’d love to get my hands on the 8 track.


Made with.


Delicious as a child, utterly disgusting as an adult: Fluff As a child it tastes like: Marshmallow goodness. As an adult it tastes like: Glue. Tidbits: I can remember a time when Fluff — like Wacky Packies, the game 7-5-3-1, and sneaking up on people and rubber-banding a hard piece of folded paper into their […]

Mid-century modern birdhouses

The trick is getting the little tiny Eames chairs in there.

The new Eno/Byrne is here! The new Eno/Byrne is here!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I just knew this day would come within three weeks or so. I wonder if it’s any good. I still can’t listen to it; stupid no sound. Commenter(s)! I need your help! Not really, I’ll listen to it later. The video looks cool, anyhow. And hey, free mp3.

How to clambake

First, go to Maine.