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Well, here I was reading about an arduino and Wii controller powered canoe (verdict: pretty damn awesome, and I wish he’d publish his accelerometer code) and lo and behold the guy links to some mighty useful robot-assembly sites. First off McMaster-Carr appears to sell, like, everything (really! Blowguns, horns and alarms, casting wax, water quality testers: everything!). Secondly, there’s RoboWars Australia, which sells a high-amperage motor controller. I’m using an Adafruit motor shield for the arduino right now, but having already blown up one h-bridge chip (to keep this from happening in the future I’m planning to stack a couple of the ICs on the shield and hope for the best), I’m thinking I might need something a bit heavier duty when I build the larger, desert-ready version of KILLER ROBOT.


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  1. Posted July 29, 2008 at 7:31 pm | Permalink

    This post talks more about talking to the accelerometer and wiichuck code.

    There is a link in that post that will bring you to the code I use on the boat for listening to the wiichuck.

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