Math is hard

Somebody was making reference the other day to the fact that category theory was created, in part, to deal with the complexities of (I think) understanding the relationship between proofs developed with and without the Continuum hypothesis. I think — based on a category being essentially a whole set of, like, “math” per se, including all the possible values and functions and etc., and a functor being basically a translation between to categories — that I understand this. But if I could wish this blog into having exactly the readers I want it to I’d wish for some kind of physicist with miraculous gifts of explanation to show up in comments and make me understand how you can find an equivalence between two fundamentally different axiomatic systems.

Maybe the This Week’s Finds in Mathematical Physics guy, or the guy who wrote “Argentina on Two Steaks a Day”, not because he’d be good at explaining it, necessarily, but because he’s hilarious. Although actually he’s not even a physicist (“computer guy”? shit, I’m that) so maybe I should just wish for Dave Chappelle or whatever. “Chappelle explains higher math”: there’s a blog.


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