There are more baffling detours in recorded music than are dreamt of in your crazy, crazy acid freakout

Microtonal Blues Band

Back in the early ’90s my friends had an overnight slot on a local college radio station. It clocked in at 5+ hours and maybe the same number of listeners. Left with an enormous amount of time to fill and nobody except the very strangest of the night owls to fill, they dug deeply into the station’s archives and unearthed some of the strangest music I’ve ever heard. The Microtonal Blues Band (whence the cover at left comes) cranked out tight, psychedelic R&B on instruments tuned to eastern scales. Lucia Pamela crooned dementedly about spaceships. Various sound effect and “stereo test” records explored the manifold possibilities inherent in giddily square percussion and two channel stereo. Other records… well, it’s all a little hazy. But I’m pretty sure that all of those demented albums (except dear Lucia Pamela) are available for (relatively cheap) download on this site (free previews!). Highlights include “talking steel guitar” (what?), Mae West’s vocal talents (dear god, no), and the sounds of the IBM 709 mainframe (welcome to the future, motherfuckers!).


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  1. Rev. Al
    Posted July 22, 2008 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela is still generously released by Arf! Arf! Records, and can be purchased for a modest amount of American dollars.

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