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The French know nothing about cooking eggs. (Seriously this method seems so straightforward; put eggs in the oven at 158° fahrenheit for, like, and hour and change and they turn into some kind of mind-blowingly textured Super Egg capable of shooting holes in things with lasers of deliciousness, or whatevever. But then I try it, and it turns out that exact temperature control under 200 degrees is basically impossible with a regular oven. Way to lead me on, Discover Magazine.)

I did learn a great method for cooking hard-boiled eggs (immerse in cold water, bring water to boil, take water off heat, cover, wait 10 minutes or so) from a Scotsman, which makes perfect sense, given that he comes from the land that (is erroneously reported to have) invented nature’s perfect food.

These look delectably non-horrible, though, don’t they?


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