Monthly Archives: July 2008

DIY piezo crystals

Are actually really easy to make! What a cool project this would make for somebody with kids. Build your own microphones! Advertisements

Some eCards

Like so many diseases, I originally got this from Apostropher. Some eCards:

New Byrne and Eno, fresh

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts is an amazing, epochal album that I was first turned on to by my aunt, who gave me a cassette copy (with the Pogues on the b-side: go, aunt!) when I was in high school. It anticipated (or at least reflected) sampling, looped grooves, all the digital media […]

The unbearable nerdiness of running

So is the Nike+ system almost impossibly toolish? Yes. Still, if they really do come out with an iPhone-supported version, will I get it? Yeah, probably. You can upload your runs! So gay!

Take this laser

In honor of this, some facts about ruby lasers: A ruby laser is a solid-state laser that uses a synthetic ruby crystal as its gain medium. It was the first type of laser invented, and was first operated by Theodore H. “Ted” Maiman[1] at Hughes Research Laboratories on 1960-05-16[2]. The ruby laser produces pulses of […]

Robot part-buy-a-thon

Well, here I was reading about an arduino and Wii controller powered canoe (verdict: pretty damn awesome, and I wish he’d publish his accelerometer code) and lo and behold the guy links to some mighty useful robot-assembly sites. First off McMaster-Carr appears to sell, like, everything (really! Blowguns, horns and alarms, casting wax, water quality […]

NASA’s gonna burn shit down!

Stealing a plot point from 2001 (and without attribution, even!), NASA is planning to use it’s ostensibly harmless Cassini satellite to ignite a huge fusion reaction and turn Saturn into a new sun, thus rendering some moon or other habitable. What? They are. Because fuck America, that’s why.


Via the inimitable read at unfogged, this is really well done:

Highway turbulence

When I lived in LA I spent a hell of a lot of time — as tends to happen there — suck in traffic. Free to consider my situation a some length, I developed a series of fairly elaborate theories of traffic. One element, enabling defensive driving by doing a bit of ad-hoc behavioral psychology […]

Atari Punk Console

Frequency selectable duration selectable square wave oscillator FTW (that’d be Fuck The World, p4styyyyn00b).